We Love Great Coffee!

” You can’t. This is the best coffee you can’t buy”.

What is Fathom Coffee?

      Fathom Coffee is the result of a passion for coffee and a passion for IT. Our little craft coffee company was founded in 2016 by Bob Werby, Jeff Werby, and Lisa DeNoia. While working for a Virginia Beach defense contractor, Jeff and Lisa spent many hours navigating complex IT projects, requiring lots and lots of coffee. Coffee roasted by Jeff’s dad, Bob, fueled countless long days and nights working to meet never-ending deadlines. As Bob’s began perfecting his roasting techniques, Jeff and Lisa spread their love for coffee amongst their friends and coworkers with an open door to anyone interested in joining them for a fresh cup brewed at their “underground” Chemex pour-over coffee bar at the office.

      For 2 years, people continually asked where they could buy the coffee and received the response, ” You can’t. This is the best coffee you can’t buy”. Finally, at the beginning of 2016, Jeff and Lisa launched a business to focus on sourcing, roasting and selling the highest quality coffee available.

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